We have a wealth of expertise in developing innovative, sound tax strategies that align with our clients’ business and personal goals.
Our knowledgeable advice has consistently resulted in maximizing tax savings while minimizing tax liability. A comprehensive tax strategy builds a strong reporting foundation to supports tomorrow’s growth while meeting current needs.
In addition, our tax professionals have extensive experience successfully representing clients before tax authority, and local tax authorities during tax examinations, inspection.

A&B Consultants gives competitive leverage for local and multinational firms, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, small business enterprises and individuals by offering a full range of compliance and advisory services that cover Egyptian taxation as a whole namely:

 Corporate Tax
 Salaries & Wages Tax
Sales Tax
 Stamp Tax
 Withholding Tax
 Real Estate Tax


We offer corporate structure and tax advices, tax management of personal taxes, shareholders' agreements, mergers and acquisitions, inter-company transfers of assets and prices, utilizing tax loss carry- forwards, recognizing tax benefits and opportunities to produce real saving and the tax considerations in determining the type of investment.
We anticipate and resolve tax controversies through judicial litigation, in addition to updating our clients on the latest tax law changes.

Tax Planning
Our aim is to preserve your assets and increase your profitability by benefiting from the Egyptian tax laws and their regulations. As such our firm recommends new tax planning opportunities that allow you to utilize the best of your assets.

We undertake the preparation and submission of all types of taxes, in addition to handling the tax filing and negotiating on your behalf with the tax authorities.
The tax problems that big companies and corporations face are of a particular and delicate nature, since they are usually problems that are not easily detectable. Once the tax authorities start examining a company's tax status and the relevant documents, these problems rise up to the surface, sometimes after years of the company's activities. The accumulated results of such problems become more and more threatening to the company's success, (for example, the company's relationship with shareholders in the General Assembly could be greatly affected)
It is in such situations that the role of A&B Consultants is most crucial. Its steps in and comes up with a careful work plan to deal with the problems in order to save the company's present and future. In this area,
A&B Consultants is of particular value to huge companies that are often founded according to the Investment Incentive and Security Law No, 8 or No, 159 of year 1981. All the activities of these companies are subjected to all kinds of taxation in Egypt as well as the recognized accounting standards.
Furthermore, trainees are required during their training to take part in the discussion of problems that result from tax inspection, with particular focus on the way to correctly prepare and arrange tax declaration forms before submitting them to tax officials.

A brief explanation about the Egyptian Tax Types
a) Corporate Tax
This is the principal tax in Egypt. It is the tax that applies to the net profits or corporations that operate in Egypt. For this reason, A&B Consultants has put together groups of professionals specialized in dealing with tax authorities in relation to corporations and the teams of tax officials assigned to them. All corporations have to deal with the government teams that operate under different tax commissions based in Cairo and Alexandria as well as the Investment Tax Commission (ITC). According to the Egyptian Incentive and Investment Security Law, the (ITC) has offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor, is responsible for all corporations functioning in Egypt.

b) Salaries & Wages Tax
This in the tax imposed on both Egyptian and foreign employees, and it is the responsibility of the company to deduct tax and deliver it directly to the respective tax commission according to pre-stated official schedules. This particular type of tax is the cause of many problems between companies and tax authorities since any mistakes in the deduction of the tax from the employee is solely the company's responsibility. In addition, the non-adherence to legal deadlines of tax payment results in violations that in turn lead to fines that increase with time. A&B Consultants regulate the deduction and delivery of this tax according to the law and in a trouble-free way that protects the company's healthy status regarding both local and foreign employees. The tax position of the latter category in particular calls for a great deal of experience due to their usually high salaries and the lack of knowledge on the part of companies to correctly calculate the due tax and sort out the numerous benefits that those employees usually obtain as part of their package.

c) Sales Tax
This tax applies to all industrial and imported goods. Its importance lies in the fact that that tax authorities examine it annually examine it annually or biannually. It also requires a lot of experience because companies need to calculate the due amounts on all their sales and to present declaration forms for them within 60 days from the day of invoice issuance. Also, any delay in paying this tax automatically imposes a weekly fine equal to 0.5%; as this fine is accumulative, it ultimately affects the company's profit A&B Consultants prepares the company's sales tax declaration forms in order to guarantee accurate and timely payment.

d) Stamp Tax
This type of tax concerns companies’ activities and could result in problems especially for banks, insurance companies, printing, publishing and advertising agencies. This tax includes a variety of categories, such as stamps for documents, signatures, publications, advertisements, documentary loans, letter sol credit, current accounts, and deposits. The failure to pay such taxes leads to a breach in the company's dealings with its customers and also in fines that amount to 6% of the tax value. A&B Consultants elaborates a careful Stamp plan according to the nature of the company's activities and in some cases negotiates with the tax authorities the possibility of installing the due amounts.

Tax Consultations

A&B Consultants renders tax services to its customers by tax experts specialized in the settlement of tax disputes , they are experienced in dealing with tax authority and subordinate tax inspectorates, in the following areas:

1. Providing tax consultations in different types of taxes (Corporate Tax, Salaries & Wages Tax, Sales Tax, Stamp Tax, Withholding Tax and Real State Tax)

2. Preparing all tax analysis and documents required for performing tax inspection in coordination with the company financial management and following up tax inspection with tax inspectors at various tax inspectorates until final inspection reports are issued .

Based on the agreement reached with the company management , fees could be fixed in consideration of following up tax position , providing tax consultations and preparing documents required for tax inspection .

Investment and companies incorporation

A&B Consultants has a highly qualified professionals capable of providing investment services and companies incorporation services, as detailed hereunder :

1. Incorporation of all corporations, partnerships, individual firms and branches of foreign companies, representative offices, liaison offices and scientific offices.
2. Advisory services in companies affairs and related laws.
3. Economic feasibility studies of projects.
4. Financial evaluation of existing of companies.
5. Financial analysis , financial indicators and performance appraisal .
6. Transforming the companies legal status
7. Merger or division (Dissociation).
8. Liquidation of companies
9. Inscribing and registry of companies in (the commercial registry industrial register, capital Market authority & stock of exchange, commercial agencies, exporters & importers register, financing lease, private sector entrepreneurs and Egyptian union for construction contractors)
10. Amendment of companies articles of association, conciliation, drawing up contracts and agreements, shares certificates, shareholders General meetings, Boards, share holders records and tittle & transfer books.
11. Helping in obtaining works permits and residence permits for foreigners.
12. Obtaining licenses required for projects and companies and contributing to the settlement of disputes with governmental and nongovernmental bodies.