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Through the accumulated experience of A&B Consultants professionals in establishing companies and their constant contacts with the tax authorities and commissions, it has been noted that there are huge problems in establishing companies and implementing it rules of laws and regulations in which the agents of the incorporators might fall into due to their lack of knowledge and of experience with the different approaches to all kinds of laws and regulations, as well as the investment securities and incentives, and the lack of correct implementation of the accounting standards.

Most of the tax returns prepared by companies and institutions, their profits will be amended due to the lack of understanding the correct way of preparing the tax returns, as well as the lack of experience in establishing companies, works of auditing and tax systems which let companies to face further complications and tax accumulations which will lead to litigation. The companies’ can easily avoid all this having access to the needed experience and trained personnel in order to establish companies in the right way and to avoid paying any additional tax due.

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