Founder & Executive Partner
Mr. Mohamed Badr
  • A&B Firm founded by Mr. Mohamed Badr - Executive Partner in 2004 to become One of the most leading firms in Egypt, UAE & “MEA” and he is the legal representative of A&B Consultants.
  • Our human resource strategy is to develop and deploy best capabilities in each of the service area. The size and quality of our organization is representative of our capabilities. We have a workforce with a great capacity working across the country. Our candidates have expertise in various disciplines and have varied experience.


Dr. Mohamed Abd El Wahab
Mr. Mohamed Said


Mr. Sameh Samir
Mr. Ahmed Ramadan

Ms. Hanan Ali

Mr. Ahmed Salah

Mr. Hossam Samir

Mr. Mostafa Haroun

Mr. Ashraf Kamal

Ms. Nashwa Mahmoud

Mr. Hassan Osama

Mr. Mohamed Mokbel

Ms. Abeer Youssef

  • We are an integrated organization in terms of mission, vision and strategy.
  • We have a very active development program. As part of this process, we send our staff members overseas every year for internal and external trainings.
  • We encourage diversity of views in our staff, cross-fertilization through inter-division postings and continuous training to help our clients and people excel.
  • We have a continuous professional development programs for staff to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices.
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